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February 28, 2018

Tap, tap, tap

The sun was just breaking on the horizon. I had a hot cup of coffee and a hotter cup of water. I was drinking the coffee and using that boiling water to heat up some plastic tubes.

My mornings are pretty weird and sometimes I can't believe I'm actually stil...

February 28, 2018


On Tuesday nights I play trivia with friends at a cute place called Siebert's Pub. The menu is basic bar

food but it's pretty amazing. For the last few months I've had outstanding nachos, reuben sandwiches but I've avoided their French onion soup.

Until tonight...


February 27, 2018


Months ago I asked my mother to help me find a gourd. I know it sounds strange but I had a very specific plan for it. When she asked me why, I was mysterious about answering and told her it was a 365 experience and I couldn't give any clues. 

She supported this a...

February 25, 2018


About 150 days ago I made a set of windchimes. When I set up that experience I used some lead lines from a package of fishhooks because the looped ends worked perfectly for that project. Because I'm smart I kept the leftover hooks just in case.

On the 159th day I...

February 24, 2018


There are food items that I avoid just on principle. Mostly because of the questionable chemistry

involved in making them. (Thanks Uncle Ed) 

On day 158 I consumed a real troublesome food spread, Nutella.

If you look at the ingredients, the first one listed is Nutella...

February 24, 2018


Day 157 involved some leather, a few studs and a bit of muscle.

Did you ever start a project after searching and searching for the right tool so you settled for what you could find? That's how my experience went today. I needed to make my very first leather choke...

February 23, 2018

Rubber Roof

I’m not a roofing expert but today I learned a bit about it. 

Day 156 was an absolutely blind experience that my guy registered me for. It was a women’s event with a focus on heat welding. I had no idea what it was and for that reason I was totally in. 


February 21, 2018

Springing spring

Today's experience went well but it wasn't how I planned to do it. It was definitely a first but I wanted someone special to be involved. When I invited mom to help me she said it was too messy. She was absolutely correct but I didn't really care about...

February 21, 2018

Food of the gods

There are things that I've chosen not to eat because they look horrible and there are things that just never made it to my dinner table because they're impossible to find. 

On day 154 the juicy delicious persimmon made its way into my kitchen.

I bought th...

February 20, 2018

Butter up

Today it rained. The buildings I spend most of my days in are so dry I welcomed any moisture even if it was outside. A few times a week I become the bringer of moisturizer when I take care of mom with lotion provided by her nurses. 

Today I wanted to make a gen...

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