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Coyotes in the Kitchen by Kathleen Kennedy

Coyotes in the Kitchen


"Coyotes in the Kitchen" is a children's book by Colorado Author Kathleen S Kennedy. The book takes you on a journey with main character Almarinda, and her pet dog Andy, who encounters a group of coyotes making delectable dishes in her kitchen while everyone is sleeping. She join in for the fun but wait til you see how it ends! This is the first book of the "Adventures With Almarinda" series, but certainly not the last. Buy the book for your kids below!

Norman Attacks: A Cautionary Tale for Rambunctious Roosters by Kathleen Kennedy

Norman Attacks


"Norman Attacks: A Cautionary Tail for Rambunctious Roosters" is the second book of the "Adventure of Almarinda series" Written by Kathleen Kennedy and Illustrated by Bobbi Manning, this book is another adventure but this time Almarinda has a friend alongside her to battle the king of the chicken coop, Norman. Jim, Almarinda, and her pet dog Andy, take one the rooster in this fun filled adventure. Read more below by buying her book!

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